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Advertise on TV with Corpa360 and reach a massive audience cost-effectively.

With Corpa360's Addressable TV technology, engage the exact audience you are looking to target while lowering cost per click (CPC). Our platform offers over 600 channels, from big networks such as Fox, ESPN and HGTV, to smaller local networks - giving you more options and better targeting capabilities than YouTube Ads.

Advertising on TV vs YouTube Ads

Advertising on TV is vastly superior to YouTube Ads for several reasons: it’s cost effective; the audience is more engaged; and it offers access to more channels and better targeting options than YouTube. Additionally, TV advertising can help to boost brand awareness and provide more tangible results.

In addition to better ad performance, viewers also stand to benefit from addressable TV technology. As a result of more targeted ads, they experience fewer irrelevant ad breaks during their favorite shows, as well as being served more interesting ads which are tailored specifically to them. This ultimately leads to an improved user experience and greater satisfaction with the overall television viewing experience.

Overall, addressable TV has revolutionized how we watch television. It allows both advertisers and viewers alike to reap the benefits of a more accurate and personalized ad delivery system.

At Corpa360, we don’t just provide you with a platform – we engage with you to ensure every penny invested is spent on reaching the exact audience you are looking to target. 

Contact us today and see how our TV advertising solutions can help your business grow.

Over 600 Channels + Accurate Ad Delivery

Tons of Options

We have over 600 channels to choose from covering virtually every demographic.

Accurate Ad Delivery

Target users with impeccable accuracy by measuring over 200 attributes before delivering advertisement to viewer to ensure accuracy. No more wasting your money on invaluable impressions. Be seen when & where it counts.

Cost-Effective + Increase ROI

Get started for a low as $500 & Advertise on Major Networks to give your brand the credible boost it needs to grow. 

Corpa 360 does not guarantee results. All sales are final once agreement has been signed by client & vendor. In the event of an error, the client will be credited & the error will be corrected immediately. 


Customer Satisfaction Rating


*Satisfaction per 100 Customers

Targeting Options


*Target by: Zip Code, Age, Gender, etc.

Minimum Investment


*per month

Est. Weekly Impressions


*Estimated Impressions Expected

Immediate Impact Rating

7 of 10

*Likeliness to search after viewing advertisement

Engagement Rating

69 of 100

*Retention per 100 viewers



The advantages of addressable TV compared to traditional television broadcasting are numerous. First and foremost, it gives advertisers access to the kind of data that was previously unavailable, allowing for more precise targeting. Greater accuracy in targeting means fewer wasted impressions and higher overall ROI.

  • Affordable & Cost-effective

  • Add Credibility to your Brand

  • Accurate Ad Delivery

  • 100% Buyer Intent Targeting 

  • Remove JUNK Impressions

Advantages & Benefits