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Corpa 360 is the Best Marketing Firm in America
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Farzana Tunni

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Internal Operations Division


Spencer P. Bowen
Injury Attorney

I am rarely impressed with anything, but Corpa has earned my respect 10 fold. To be honest our marketing stack was crap before Corpa. Great group with pure intentions, Thank you again. 

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Law Offices of
Steiner & Schultz

Honestly had a bitter taste from our last "media provider" but you guys really helped iron out the wrinkles in our campaigns. We cant thank you enough. Needless to say we will be back lol


Miller Stark Communications PR

Advertising on Hulu has been like trying to catch a ghost in a pickle jar. UNTIL we signed up here. Fast ad placement + easy going staff= I'm a happy customer :)


Arium Creative Group

This will be my 1st programmatic campaign. For anyone trying to get on kids networks, here is the place to be. We chose Disney XD, but if im not mistaken, i recall seeing Nick Jr as well. Cool people to work with, very fair rates. 

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Latin Food Stores

We have been advertising on Discovery Familia for about 4 months now. Great feedback and solid impressions. Adding digital billboards and SEO next month. Thanx Jessica, you're a wizard!


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  • Programmatic & Digital

  • Digital & Static Billboards

  • Print Media

  • Mobile Advertising

  • Custom Creatives


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