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An Approved Hulu Ad Manager Agency
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Why Clients Love Advertising on Hulu

  1. In the last two years, Hulu has experienced a 62% increase in time spent streaming ad-supported content.

  2. Hulu offers extensive targeting capabilities

  3. A 30-second video ad helps generate a 61% increase in “top of mind” awareness.

Engage Your Audience at Scale

Hulu advertisements are able to be targeted to a specific audience by gender, location, age, interests and show genre. Advertisers may also narrow down their targeting by geo, state, city, or ZIP code. Hulu commercials are seen before and during the shows and movies they want to watch.

Approved Hulu Ad Manager Agency

By using an Approved Hulu Ad Manager, Hulu has made managing multiple campaigns not only accessible but easy as well.


As a result, it proves as highly effective in reaching your customers & makes it more likely for them to engage in your content afterward.

  1. target by gender

  2. target by location

  3. target by age

  4. target by interests

  5. target by show genre

6. geo fencing

7. target by state

8. target by city

9. target by zip code

Hulu Targeting Capabilities
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Hulu Users

If you are skeptical that your advertisements will reach a significant amount of your target audience, don’t worry!

As of now, Hulu has approximately 45.3 million paid subscribers currently using its streaming service.

If you are a Hulu user yourself, you know how constant the commercial spots are, so imagine one of those advertisements is for your own business.


Hulu Ad Selector

One of the popular features that Hulu offers is the ad selector.

Here’s how it works: first, a screen will ask which commercial you would like to view, giving you two to three advertisements.

The ads are about 15 seconds long, and if you do not select one in 10 seconds, it will randomly pick one for you


The Ad Selector feature is beneficial for your business because if you have an ad selector for your advertisements, this provides an opportunity for active engagement for potential customers.

How Much Does Hulu Advertising Cost?


Hulu Pricing

Hulu caters to both big & small businesses

  • from $500/ campaign

  • Cover Story: $100,000 >

  • Brand Slate Ads: $100,000 >

*Costs vary based on advertising quarter

What kinds of Ads can we Run on Hulu?

Ad Selectors are one of the many options you can choose from when managing your campaign's advertisements. Hulu offers several impactful ad types.


Video Ads

One of the primary standards for advertising on Hulu would be video playing during full-length movies and tv show episodes.

The time frame for these tv ads can be as short as 7-30 seconds long.

Another factor of video ads is referred to as “does not accept stitched ads,” which means if you want to advertise your content that is 30 seconds long, you can’t have two stitched 15-second commercials.


Slate Ads

Slate ads, or Branded slate ads, as they are called, refer to the static, completely blank slate backgrounds with your logo in the center.

Slate Ads typically show before the movie or a tv episode as a voiceover presents your business as a sponsor.


Entertainment Selector Ads

Branded Entertainment Selector Ads, BES for short, refer to when viewers have a choice on their specific viewing experience.

Unlike ad selectors, BES lets the viewer choose if they want to continue with the usual 30-second commercial spot or watch a long commercial.

It’s kind of like a win-win situation for you and the viewer.

The viewer is engaged in your content and can go back to their binge-a-thon.

Binge Ads

Binge ads are advertisements that target people who are currently binge-watching.

They help viewers engage without being distracted by unrelated commercials.

If they’re binge-watching a show, what better way to get their attention than by advertising snacks?


Cover Story Ads

Cover story ads are similar to slate ads.

The only difference is that you integrate the brand with Hulu’s homepage, and it has a “presented by” notation by your business name.

Cover story ads will increase engagement and exposure with potential customers.

GatewayGo Ads

GatewayGo ads are more of a call-to-action type of advertisement.

GatewayGo ads allow your brand to utilize conversion goals to help customers shift from streaming tv to using their mobile devices.

Hulu does this by using QR codes, links, and push notifications.


Pause Ads

Pause ads are non-disruptive yet visible as they allow the viewer to see your advertisement only when they pause what they are watching.

This marketing tool helps advertise your brand without being as intrusive as other advertising types.

Hulu's Top 7 Shows

  1. Schitt's Creek

  2. Ramy

  3. Abbott Elementary

  4. Conversations with Friends

  5. Candy

  6. Pam & Tommy

  7. Godfather of Harlem


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