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Geo-Fence Advertising

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Geo-Fence Ads are a great way for companies to target customers in specific areas with their advertising. By utilizing the latest location technology, companies can reach out to potential customers and increase their brand awareness in a precise geographical area. It is an effective way of driving more conversions in local markets and engaging with customers that may not otherwise be reached through traditional methods.

Advertising your Local Business? Try Geo-Fence Ads!

Geo-Fence Advertising is a great way to target potential customers in specific locations, reach a highly targeted audience with personalized messages, and measure the effectiveness of campaigns. 

How does Geo-Fencing work? 

Geo-Fence Ads utilize the latest location technology to target customers who are within a certain area. This type of advertising allows companies to create digital boundaries, or "fences", around the locations they want to target. When someone enters into this geographic area, they will receive a notification with your advertisement.

By utilizing Geo-Fencing Ads, companies can create digital boundaries around the locations they want to target and drive more conversions in local markets. 

This type of advertising provides businesses with an effective way to engage with potential customers who enter into their geographic area, allowing them to increase brand awareness and build relationships with new audiences.

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Optimized for Results

With Geo-Fencing, businesses can also keep track of how their ads are performing and adjust them accordingly in order to reach more people. This allows them to get the most value out of their advertising budget and maximize the impact of their campaigns. 

Understand Your Customers Better

Geo-fence ads provide businesses with a better understanding of consumer behavior and activity in certain areas, enabling them to refine their marketing strategies and make more informed decisions about where to place advertisements. This can maximize the effectiveness of each campaign, as well as help businesses understand the preferences of their target customers. 

Personalized Messages

 By using Geo-Fencing technology, businesses can craft personalized messages that relate directly to customers in the area, increasing their chances of connecting with their target audience.

Reach the Right Audience

Geo-Fence Ads enable businesses to target people based on their specific location, allowing them to reach individuals who are more likely to be interested in their product or service.

Corpa 360 does not guarantee results. All sales are final once agreement has been signed by client & vendor. In the event of an error, the client will be credited & the error will be corrected immediately. 

To take advantage of Geo-Fencing Ads, companies must first identify the geographic area they want to target. They can do this by defining a radius around a specific location or drawing an outline of the exact shape of the desired area on a map. Once the area is defined, a notification will be sent to customers who enter that space. The notifications can contain any type of advertisement, from promotional offers to app downloads.

Engagement Rating

77 of 100

*Retention per 100 viewers

Customer Satisfaction Rating


*Satisfaction per 100 Customers

Minimum Investment


*per month

Targeting Options


*Target by: Zip Code, Age, Gender, etc.

Immediate Impact Rating

9 of 10

*Likeliness to search after viewing advertisement

Est. Weekly Impressions


*Estimated Impressions Expected



Increase Conversion Rate by only targeting the individuals with a high propensity to purchase at the time they are looking to purchase. Be seen when it counts, by the right people. 

  • Improved ROI

  • Accurate Ad Delivery

  • Real-Time Ad Delivery

  • Easy to Setup

  • Track & Monitor Concise Insights

Advantages & Benefits

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