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Corpa 360 is the Best Marketing Firm in America

Expert Level Data

Enriched Consumer Data

 A.i. Sourced - Same Day Service 

Targeted B2B Lead Generation Service

 Manually Gathered B2B Targets 

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Pro Tip: Targeted Data Increases Conversions by 21% - 39%

Enriched Data is 97-99.9% Accurate - Expert Level Data

B2B Data is gathered by order. We do not batch or warehouse old data. 

Consumer Data is enriched to ensure 97-99.9% accuracy. 

1 Unit= 10,000  Leased B2B Profiles

$3000 minimum

$21 CPM - Leased Consumer Data

$24.90 CPM - Leased  Verified B2B Data

$33 CPM - Purchase Verified B2B Data

Pro Tip: B2B Email Marketing is 300% more effective when your campaign is focused directly on the Targeted Audeince
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Delivery Time: Same-Day

3X Targeting

  1. Target users with Email data (email outreach)

  2. Target users with Phone data (warm lead calls after email)

  3. Target users with Address data (great for baby boomers)

Enriched A.i. Sourced Data with 97-99.9% accuracy, fast, same-day reports to help you with your next business decision. Profiles are gathered per order, we do not batch or warehouse old data.


Over 1000 Data Points to choose from to help us sculpt the best data report possible. Data includes but not limited to:

  1. Full Name

  2. Physical Address (mail marketing option)

  3. Buying Habits

  4. Spending Level  (big spenders to low-level spenders)

  5. Preferred Contact Device (additional contact option)

  6. Recent Buying Activity 

  7. Email Address (email marketing)

  8. Phone Numbers Listed (targeted cold calls)

  9. Web ID (optional) (multiple marketing avenues)

  10. Source Data by Zip Code 

  11. Gambling Routine

  12. Kids & Family Routine

  13. Medical Status

  14. Religious Beliefs 

  15. Recently Married

  16. Pre-Movers & Home Buyers/ Sellers 


*Consumer Data Reports are Fully Customizable.

Delivery Time: 2-7 Days


100% Targeted B2B Data Profiles

We manually gather your list of  B2B targets. Profiles are gathered per order, we do not batch or warehouse old data.

  1. Company Name

  2. 1st Point of Contact 

  3. Job Title of 1st Point of Contact

  4. Name

  5. Direct Email Address (example:

  6. Company Address

  7. Employee Count

  8. # of Locations

  9. Annual Revenue

  10. Most Recent Funding

  11. Optional LinkedIn Profile Link

B2B profiles + LinkedIn links have proven to be more accurate. Using the LinkedIn link is a great tool to contact hard-to-reach Executives. 

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